Feb 01, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Kicks-Off Campaign for a Better BC – 100 Day March to Election Day End Zone

BRITISH COLUMBIA - While February 3rd reads Super Bowl Sunday on the calendars of NFL fans, it also marks 100 days until Election Day in BC.

Across the province, working British Columbians are now marching down the field yard-by-yard and door-to-door talking to family, friends and neighbours about what is at stake in this election. Whether cheering for the Ravens or 49ers, this Sunday gives us all an opportunity to start the conversation about the kind of change we need to see happen in BC.  

Elections BC makes voter registration very easy. Click here to make sure you are registered to vote in the May 14, 2013 BC Election.

Voting connects us. It reminds us that this is our government, and elected officials work for all of us.

As a CUPE member, you know firsthand the connection between voting and the services we provide and depend on in our communities. Voting is more than a right — it’s a responsibility. In order to vote you must be a Canadian Citizen, have lived in BC for at least six months, and are over the age of 18. For more information on voting in BC visit or call 1-800-661-8683.

If you are registered and always vote, talk to your coworkers and friends and encourage them to participate in our democratic process. It’s a vital part of keeping our communities strong. Forward to your contacts on Twitter, Facebook and Email the on-line registration link above and let folks know how easy it is to make sure they’re on the BC voters list.  

Interested in getting in the game? Visit and click the Election Day clock as it ticks down to your chance to create change for the better in BC. 

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