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CUPE members work in hundreds of occupations that help keep communities strong. We work for municipalities, school boards, airlines, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, colleges, universities, social service agencies, the ambulance service, public utilities, and other public institutions.


Union Education

When you get involved with CUPE it means learning new things about yourself, your union, and your community. One of the...

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So-called ‘economic stability dividend’ amounts to pennies a day

BURNABY—Today’s announcement by the BC Liberal provincial government that public sector workers, including many CUPE members, will receive a very...

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APRIL 29, 2016

No challenge too great for CUPE: Fleury, Davies

VICTORIA - Despite ongoing economic and political pressures, CUPE has been resilient and continues to thrive in B.C. and across...

APRIL 28, 2016

Protecting Canadians abroad must become a priority—Fahmy

VICTORIA - Canadians abroad need better protection from human rights violations, journalist and press freedom advocate Mohamed Fahmy told delegates...

APRIL 28, 2016

Hancock: ‘Let’s go and change the world!’

VICTORIA - In his first Convention address since serving as BC Division leader, CUPE National President Mark Hancock called on...