Our Sectors

Our Sectors

CUPE BC represents more than 100,000 workers in more than 160 locals. CUPE members work in hundreds of occupations that help keep communities strong. We work for municipalities, school boards, airlines, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, colleges, universities, social service agencies, health care organizations, the ambulance service, public utilities, and other public institutions.

CUPE represents more than 7,500 members working at agencies, museums, galleries, advocacy groups, societies and a range of other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
CUPE represents more than 3,000 members working at B.C. publicly funded colleges and institutes.
CUPE represents more than 4,000 members working in our health care system.
CUPE represents more than 3,000 workers in B.C.’s Community Social Services sector.
CUPE represents more than 32,000 school support workers across the province.
CUPE represents more than 3,500 library workers delivering a crucial public service in communities across B.C.
CUPE represents more than 37,000 members delivering vital public services and maintaining critical municipal infrastructure in cities, districts, towns, and villages across B.C.
CUPE represents more than 2,000 workers employed in B.C.’s Transit and Railway sectors.
CUPE represents over 12,000 members working at B.C. universities.