Strong Communities

CUPE members believe in communities. We live, work, pay taxes and join in activities to strengthen our communities.

When something threatens our jobs, our families and our communities, we rise to defend ourselves and our neighbours.

That's what CUPE BC's Strong Communities campaign is all about.

The campaign began as a response to harmful policies by the BC Liberal government. When the Liberals were first elected in 2001, they eliminated important public services and cutting needed programs that support seniors, children, people with disabilities and others. And today, they continue to eliminate valuable services all across British Columbia, weakening communities and privatizing public services.

CUPE BC believes instead in building strong communities through investment in public services, through transparent and accountable government and by protecting those who are most vulnerable.

The Strong Communities campaign fights back against the BC Liberals' cuts, exposes their agenda and works to strengthen the communities in which we live and work.

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