Jun 05, 2017

Faoro to Clark—Stop the games and let’s see the new government we voted for

Nearly a month has passed since the May 9 provincial election, and it’s past time for the Premier to stop playing games with the results, says CUPE BC President Paul Faoro.

“Everyone in B.C.—even Christy Clark—knows that the BC Liberal government will be defeated by the BC NDP and Green Party caucuses, and be replaced by a BC NDP government supported by the Greens,” says Faoro. “John Horgan and Andrew Weaver have managed to set aside partisan interests to craft a program for governing that responds to the concerns of British Columbians and sets our province on a better course, and it’s time for Ms. Clark and her caucus to realize they’ll be spending at least the next four years in Opposition.

“Along with thousands of other British Columbians I’m looking forward to a John Horgan BC NDP government supported by Andrew Weaver and the Green Party caucus. Together they will take action to implement an affordable quality public child care system, get rid of the big money that distorts our politics, and bring in electoral reform. They have also committed to making reconciliation with First Nations the foundation of all government policies, and they will put British Columbia at the forefront of fighting climate change while creating tens of thousands of good, long-term jobs all across the province.

“It’s time that Christy Clark stop trying to wriggle out from the results of the election and understand that her responsibility now is to think not of her narrow partisan interests and her base of the wealthiest and most well-connected but instead to act on the wishes of voters.”

Clark has said her government intends to face the Legislature and present a Throne Speech, which she expects will be defeated by the BC NDP and Green Party caucuses. That process could take as long as six sitting days of the Legislature, but the outcome is a foregone conclusion—the government will be defeated and the Lieutenant-Governor will then ask BC NDP Leader John Horgan to form a government.

“Why is Christy Clark playing games with democracy? The outcome of her quixotic Throne Speech debate is already known, so why are we paying to have the Legislature conduct such a pointless, expensive exercise?” asks Faoro. “Political defeat is hard, no question, but our system of government is built on the foundation of orderly transition from one government to the next. It’s time for Christy Clark and her party to resign as government and recommend to the Lieutenant-Governor that she ask John Horgan to form a government.

“Christy Clark might be the last person in B.C. to get the message, but more than 60 percent of voters voted for change from 16 years of BC Liberal government. Clark should get out of the way and let that change happen, now.”

Paul Faoro is president of CUPE BC, British Columbia’s largest union, representing 85,000 workers delivering important public services in communities across the province.

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