Municipal Committee

Municipal Committee

Better Services. Better Communities.

This committee works to highlight the public services CUPE’s municipal workers provide to communities across the province. Working in countless roles, municipal workers provide the public services that build strong communities.

The Committee serves as an important venue to unite municipal workers’ voices across British Columbia. Members work together to identify common concerns facing municipal workers, and develop advocacy and resources to support workers and elevate municipal public services.

Electing progressive voices in our community

This term, the Committee focused on ways municipal workers can engage in local government elections to help elect progressive decision makers in communities across B.C. They also discussed the ongoing need to improve access to support and training for municipal locals doing job evaluation work.

The Committee remains committed to including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action in their work.

Looking forward, the Committee will continue to discuss issues that are affecting municipal workers and look for solutions that can improve working conditions for CUPE members.

Committee Members

Sarah Bjorknas
Regional Vice-President, Metro Vancouver
Dan McBeth
Regional Vice-President, Vancouver Island
Rob Limongelli
Cammy Dallamore