Sep 04, 2014

Penticton city workers ratify five-year contract

PENTICTON–CUPE workers have ratified a new collective agreement with the City of Penticton.  At a vote held last night, the members of CUPE Local 608 voted 89% in favour of a deal that has also been ratified by the City.

The new contract is a five-year, no-concessions agreement running from Jan. 1, 2014 until Dec. 31, 2018.  Wage increases amount to 8.85% over the term of the deal with additional market adjustments for job classifications where it has been hard to attract and retain workers. The agreement also contains contract language improvements and classification adjustments.

CUPE 608 represents approximately 200 members who work for the City of Penticton. The two sides met nine times over the past nine months to reach the new agreement.

CUPE local 608 Bargaining Committee Unit Chair Shelie Best says that “while there are always tough moments in any negotiations, you work through them and at the end of the day you have to come to an agreement – one that works for our members as well as for the City.  Best adds that “we got this deal done because both sides were determined to be respectful throughout the bargaining process.” Best also said the management team’s value and respect for our members is evident in the agreement reached.

CUPE Local 608 President Brianne Hillson says the union “is very proud of reaching a settlement that it is fair and equitable. It addresses our members’ priorities and concerns and we believe that the mutual respect shown during this round of talks has gone a long way towards improving the relationship and morale between our members and the employer. We hope that relationship continues to flourish.”  


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