Young Workers Committee

Young Workers Committee

Supporting the next generation of leaders

CUPE BC’s Young Workers Committee was established to bring focus and priority to issues specific to young workers. The Committee engages in activities and initiatives with the goal of inspiring young workers to become active in their union, and in their communities.

The Committee focuses on both how to engage more young workers in our union, and also how young workers on the Committee can build their own capacity and grow as activists.

Building solidarity on issues that matter

The Committee continues to engage and develop activists aged 30 years or younger by providing leadership opportunities, specialized training, and unique projects to promote inclusion in CUPE BC structures.

Over the past several years, the Committee has focused on several priority areas, including reconciliation, leadership development, mentorship, and succession planning. Committee members have also worked to build solidarity on issues of affordability and sustainability, including tuition fees, housing, climate change, and precarious work.

Looking forward, the Committee is hoping to provide additional informal mentorship opportunities for new and young workers.

2023 – 2025 Committee Membership

Back row: Cody Beyer, Will Dichuk, Bailey Van Der Meer & Donald Grant (Chair). Front row: Cassie Deezar (Recording Secretary), Hannah Christo, Emma Inman, Juno Diane (Co-Chair) & Kasahra Atkins. Missing:  Sam Connolly, Sydney Sullivan, Luke Tetrault & David Fleming (Staff Advisor).

Committee Members

Hailey Fielden
Alternate Diversity Vice-President, Pink Triangle
Bridget Barker_JBZ3217
Bridget Barker