Women’s and Gender Rights Committee

Women’s and Gender Rights Committee

Cultivating safe spaces for women to participate and lead

Members of this committee are committed to building capacity within CUPE’s membership to eliminate barriers faced by cis and trans women in our union. Advocacy focuses on increased participation of women through succession planning, and the creation of safe spaces where women can develop the skills and experience required to lead.

Outside of regular committee meetings, committee members engage in community-based advocacy to support events and actions to both celebrate and remember women.

Fighting for equity and inclusion for all women

At the last CUPE BC convention, a resolution submitted by the Committee was passed, changing the name to the “Women’s and Gender Rights Committee”. This change is not only more inclusive, but is more reflective of our current society.

Over this term, the Committee has focused on advocacy for sex work to be considered work, and has supported 10 paid days’ leave for survivors of intimate partner violence.

Looking forward, the Committee plans to advocate for paid miscarriage and unplanned pregnancy leaves and medical coverage for fertility treatment, and will encouraging locals to bargain language on menstrual leaves.

Blow the Whistle on Gender-Based Violence Postcard

In 2023, the Committee produced a postcard on gender-based violence that links to this page to provide information about events to support and remember women affected by violence, assistance and resources for those experiencing violence, and information about how to safely intervene when violence is observed. The lists below represent the Committees running list of resources to support these important topics.

Committee Members

Jolene Lamoureux
Shelley Saje-Ricci_JBZ3444
Heather Corkum