Transportation Committee

Transportation Committee

Connecting our communities, strengthening public transit

This committee works on issues of importance to CUPE members who are transit operators and supervisors, SkyTrain workers, school bus drivers, freight train operators, and flight attendants.

The Committee works to ensure that the province’s transit systems and road maintenance remain publicly funded and publicly delivered—thus ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable transit services for everyone. It also monitors changes in provincial regulations, reporting new developments that will affect transportation locals.

Building a better transportation system

The Committee’s recent work has included a resolution for CUPE BC to create a Public Transit Policy to address issues like safety, accessibility, affordability, funding, public operation and rural access. The Committee is working to end the practice of private, for-profit companies running public transit in parts of B.C.

The Committee is creating awareness about the hazard of vehicles passing stopped school buses (and calling for increased enforcement and fines), monitoring how employers are using new work rest rules, and opposing the centralization of TransLink services that pose a threat to members’ jobs.

Committee Members

Tony Rebelo_JBZ3408
General Vice-President
Tony Rebelo
Ryan Boyce