Racialized Workers Committee

Racialized Workers Committee

The CUPE BC Racialized Workers Committee is committed to the promotion of racial justice, inclusion and equality in the workplace and in our communities. Our fight for fairness includes, challenging racism and all forms of oppression on behalf of all racialized CUPE members and ensuring diversity representation in our Regional and Provincial Executive Boards. The Committee aims to build strong relationships with community organizations and allies through participation in cultural events and days of action.

Black History Month 2023

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and highlight the best of Black History and culture, and to honour the ancestors and leaders of Black communities, their accomplishments and their continued fight for liberation. The poster below was developed by the Committee to mark and celebrate the Black History Month 2023, and adds to the many other materials developed by CUPE, which can be accessed on CUPE’s national website here.

This poster, the third edition of this its kind, was developed by the Committee to mark Black History Month 2023. Download a copy in either French of English from the Committee Resource list on the right.

Committee Members

Nicole Cabrejos_JBZ3253
Alternate Diversity Vice-President, Racialized Workers
Edward Parsotam_JBZ3380
Diversity Vice-President, Racialized Workers
Edward Parsotam
Anusha Balram
Sita Kumar