Racialized Workers Committee

Racialized Workers Committee

The CUPE BC Racialized Workers Committee is committed to the promotion of racial justice, inclusion and equality in the workplace and in our communities. Our fight for fairness includes, challenging racism and all forms of oppression on behalf of all racialized CUPE members and ensuring diversity representation in our Regional and Provincial Executive Boards. The Committee aims to build strong relationships with community organizations and allies through participation in cultural events and days of action.

“Painless Jones,” the first dentist in B.C. granted a license under the BC Dental Act.


Black settlers on Salt Spring Island set the stage for today’s community.

First Black woman to be elected to any provincial legislative assembly in Canada.

Hidden history of African American settlers in Wellington uncovered.

Social worker, elected MLA 1972, first Black person elected Speaker in Canada.


The “fastest man on earth”, first Canadian to officially hold a world track record.

The first Black teacher on Vancouver Island.


In the 1940s, Strathcona’s population was approximately 800 people.

A strong Black woman born into slavery, she immigrated to Salt Spring Island.

Black prospector who joined the Cariboo Gold Rush.

First Black woman athlete to represent Canada in international competition.

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