Political Action Committee

Political Action Committee

Using our power to lead progressive change

This committee provides members with information about political choices, and encourages them to participate in the political process. The Committee supports campaign skill building and political training that empowers members to leading change in their communities.

Committee members support ongoing campaign work, and advise on regular improvements to campaign tactics, resources, and tools. The Committee also provides advice on emerging political issues, and brings the voice of CUPE members to decision-makers at all levels.

Improving our campaign-readiness

Committee work in 2022/23 focused on the local government elections, held October 15. Member-to-member campaigning successfully mobilized CUPE members to support endorsed candidates, with two-thirds of those endorsed elected province-wide. This campaign also provided an opportunity to roll out two key committee initiatives: a biennial member survey on political engagement, and a new system of member mobilizers—both proved vital to the success of the campaign.

Looking to the future, the Committee is focused on advancing CUPE BC’s skills, tools and technology in order to be more responsive and campaign-ready when issues and elections arise.

2023 – 2025 Committee Membership

Back row: Neal Adolph (Staff Advisor), Leanne Yearley, Dal Benning (Chair), Tiffany De Ruyter De Wildt, Denice Bardua (Co-Chair), Lauri Paul & Carmel Edmonds. Front row: Kasandra Gibson, Tyrone Kennedy, Kim Doucette (Recording Secretary), Shawn Melnyk & Frank Lee.

Committee Members

Dal Benning
General Vice-President
Martina Boyd
Donald Grant
Regional Vice-President, Metro Vancouver