Environment Committee

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee is tasked with proposing initiatives and activities that protect the environment, and advising on the implementation of those initiatives approved by the Executive Board and the CUPE BC Convention. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Executive Board about reducing carbon emissions, and materials and methods of engaging members and communities on environmental issues.

2022-23 Initiatives

The Committee served three resolutions to the 2022 CUPE BC Convention, one each on expanding public transit, a just transition for workers, and the goal of entrenching a workers’ right to operate clean energy vehicles and equipment. The latter two were adopted, and have for the basis of the Committee’s work in 2022.

Environment and Climate Justice Award

CUPE BC supports an annual Environment and Climate Justice Award that is conferred on a local, district council or member who:

  • demonstrates, through concrete actions, a deep commitment for the environment and climate justice as a civil rights movement;
  • undertakes initiative and innovation in promoting a sustainable impact on the environment within our communities most vulnerable to climate change;
  • contributes to their community in building a stronger environmental movement; or
  • engages in activism through political advocacy and policy change.

    The Award is granted on Earth Day each year and nominations open every February. More information can be found on the nomination form located in the list of Committee resources on this page.

    Committee Members

    Amber Leonard_JBZ3342
    General Vice-President
    Amber Leonard
    Steven Beasly_JBZ3314
    Steven Beasley
    David Hollingworth
    Joleen Turgeon
    Patrick Telford