Environment Committee

Environment Committee

Fighting climate change and environmental injustice

The Committee is responsible for proposing initiatives and activities that help CUPE members make a contribution to addressing climate change, and increasing engagement with members and communities on issues of environmental justice.

The Committee also considers how CUPE BC can reduce its own carbon footprint and waste profile, to play a more significant role in fighting climate change as a prominent voice for workers in British Columbia.

Taking action to address the climate crisis

The Committee’s work in the last two years focused on three issues related to addressing climate change.

  1. The right to operate a clean energy vehicle/equipment should be a universal workplace right for all workers, both for worker health and the health of our communities.
  2. The call for a just transition seeks fair treatment for workers and support for communities impacted by the removal of fossil fuel from our economy.
  3. Increased funding for public transit is a key social, environmental and economic strategy to address climate change and support mobility rights.

Environment and Climate Justice Award

CUPE BC supports an annual Environment and Climate Justice Award that is conferred on a local, district council or member who:

  • demonstrates, through concrete actions, a deep commitment for the environment and climate justice as a civil rights movement;
  • undertakes initiative and innovation in promoting a sustainable impact on the environment within our communities most vulnerable to climate change;
  • contributes to their community in building a stronger environmental movement; or
  • engages in activism through political advocacy and policy change.

The Award is granted on Earth Day each year and nominations open every February. More information can be found on the nomination form located in the list of Committee resources on this page.

2023 – 2025 Committee Membership

Back row: Sarp Yalcin (Recording Secretary), Matthew Koch, Chloe Martin-Cabanne (Chair), Caitlin Gilroy (Staff Advisor) & Alice Joe. Front row: Nils (Max) Thaysen, David Wieler, Andrea Craddock (Co-Chair) & Sharron MacKay. Missing: Dalton Owen.

Committee Members

Alternate Regional Vice-President, Metro Vancouver
Amber Leonard
General Vice-President
Amber Leonard