Education Committee

Education Committee

Building the knowledge and confidence to win

This committee works with the staff of the Union Education Branch and advises on weeklong sessions for CUPE members in B.C. The Committee assists in the delivery of regional workshops, awards scholarships, and supports the annual Spring and Fall weeklong schools.

Committee members’ work builds participation in the educational opportunities offered by the National Union, helping to increase the knowledge, capacity, and experience of CUPE activists.

Creating better access to education and learning

Committee work in the past term focused on removing barriers to participation in education, and supporting the move back to in-person formats.

The return to in-person courses, schools and workshops has ushered in calls for hybrid delivery models, and a return to a greater breadth of course offerings, both of which the Committee has supported.

Looking to the future, the Committee has submitted resolutions to the 2023 CUPE BC Convention calling for a peer support system, expanded education on reconciliation and historic oppression of Indigenous Peoples, and better focus testing of new courses on equity issues.

2023 – 2025 Committee Membership

Back row: Jennifer Tass (Recording Secretary), Jennie Copeland (Co-Chair), José Van Berkel & Tina Meadows (Staff Advisor). Front row: Tara Knight, Dennis Donnelly & Michelle Bennett (Chair).

Committee Members

Anita Early
Regional Vice-President, Kootenays
Jose van Berkel