Colleges Committee

Colleges Committee

Making B.C.’s colleges and institutes work

This committee works to protect publicly funded colleges and institutes in B.C. and develops strategies to deal with issues that affect workers across the sector.

The committee helps share information between college workers, the CUPE BC Executive Board, and district councils. It supports coordinated bargaining and develops campaigns to help generate
support for college education delivered by B.C.’s public post-secondary system.

Growing solidarity in the college sector

During this term, the Committee discussed the urgent need to restore public funding for B.C. colleges and institutes, particularly those in small, rural and Indigenous communities. Strategizing
ways to promote the contracting-in of campus services, and advocating for affordable and accessible public post-secondary education, were also key topics for the Committee.

Moving forward, the Committee will continue its work to promote the crucial role CUPE members play in providing quality services at properly funded colleges and institutes, and empower campus workers to mobilize and build province-wide solidarity and bargaining power.

2023 – 2025 Committee Membership

Back row: Keith Todd, Kristy Brons (Co-Chair), Rose Palozzi (Recording Secretary) & Nick Angrigon (Staff Advisor). Front row: Michelle Waite, Tiffany McLaughlin (Chair) & Leanne Yearley.

Committee Members

Tiffany McLaughlin
Alternate Regional Vice-President, Vancouver Island