Support for local businesses reaps benefits for everyone

What’s the best way of creating jobs and building a stronger economy in British Columbia?  Many economic development “experts” and political figures focus on attracting big business to set up shop through tax breaks and subsidies, even though the verdict of economists is that most of these jobs vanish quickly when another region or jurisdiction […]

CUPE BC in Solidarity With Idle No More

CUPE BC is honoured to add our voice to the growing chorus of support for the grassroots Idle No More movement. Canadian Union of Public Employees members in BC stand in solidarity with First Nations and aboriginal peoples across Canada in their long fought struggle for justice.  CUPE BC calls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper […]

Wave of ‘P3 promotion’ misses the point

Did we miss the proclamation of “P3 Week” in British Columbia? Earlier this week, the Sun ran three op-ed pieces in two days, all lauding the supposed virtues of “public private partnerships (P3s).” The three op-eds had a couple of things in common. First, they were written by people with a bias in favour of […]