CUPE Committees
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Universities Committee

The Universities Committee was formed to develop collective strategies for dealing with issues affecting CUPE university locals in BC. The committee's work includes sharing information among locals, lobbying government and other bodies, improving coordination between locals and staff on common issues such as bargaining and pay equity, and working on campaigns to fight privatization and cuts to education.

For more information check out Universities Sector.

Members of the committee are:

Doug Sprenger - Chair, Local 951
Allison, Paul - Local 3886
Everett, Trish - Local 2278
Forhan, Nancy - Local 2950
Horsfield, John - Local 873
Melnechuk, Greg - Local 4163
Park, Robert - Local 917
Rugg, Lois - Local 4879
Sewell, Caroline - Local 3799
Whyte, Laurie - Local 951
Horsfield, John - Staff Representative
Idler, Ross - Staff Representative