CUPE sponsors weeklong training sessions in the Spring and in the Fall. The upcoming Spring 2017 Weeklong School will be in Kamloops, May 28 - June 2. 

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CUPE Locals and District Councils sponsor training workshops for their members throughout the year. To see what is available, click on the link below to view the CUPE Education Calendar. The Education Calendar is updated regularly. New workshops are added all the time.

If you want to attend a workshop, contact your Local Executive or Education Committee.

If you are a member and you are interested in a workshop but your Local isn't sponsoring it, contact your Local to find out if other members are interested and you might be able to get a workshop put on in your community; or you might consider registering for a workshop being offered somewhere else in the province.

Workshop Notices

To register for a workshop, please download the Notice and complete the Registration Form.

Notices for workshops will be posted on the Union Education website when they are mailed out.

Request a Workshop

CUPE offers a wide variety of workshops and different ways for members to access union education. We offer weeklong, weekend, weeknight or noon-hour sessions. To request a workshop, please complete the Online Workshop Request Form