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Occupational Health and Safety

This Committee works to provide a healthy, safe workplace for CUPE members and for all British Columbians. The Committee helps coordinate Health and Safety Conferences, assists with Educational Workshops and develops Health and Safety Campaigns. Fact sheets and guides on a variety of topics are also available (see below). 

Members of the committee are:

Benning, Dal - Chair - CUPE Local 718
Bickley, Bryan - Local 458
Dydzuk, Marie - Local 1048
Every worker must take reasonable care to protect the worker's health and safety and the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by the worker's acts or omissions at work.
Flores, Carlos - Local 50
Funk, Darryl - Local 2254
Fairbrass, Sarah - Local 374
Harvey, Brian - Local 2773
Johnson, Brent - Local 3500
Losito, Chris - Local 15
Palmer, Bob - Local 401
Poole, Jean - Local 2087
Robertson, Florence - Local 4177
Wiebe, Tom - Local 402
McKenna, Tom - Staff Representative
Wolff, Vanessa - Staff Representative

Know Your Rights poster (please print in colour on 11x 17 paper)

Occupational Health & Safety News

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April 28 National Day of Mourning

The National Day of Mourning, established in 1984, recognizes the deaths of workers on the job.

Health and Safety Links

Visit these web sites for more information on Occupational Health and Safety issues:

Fact Sheets & Guides

These Fact Sheets are available as pdfs:

2014 Conference Presentation - Mental Disorders and Workers Compensation, Tom McKenna.pdf7.15 MB
2014 Conference Keynote Presentation – Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace, Dr. Jennifer Newman.pdf1.02 MB
Asphalt Fact Sheet.pdf498.13 KB
Bill 14 and DTA - Employees' Responsibilities (Infonex Conference Oct 23-25 12) PowerPoint.pdf2.22 MB
Bill 14 and Parties Responsibilities - March 17 2014.pdf3.77 MB
Composting Report - SFU December 2012.pdf8.7 MB
CUPE Guide - Access to WCB Benefits Age 65 & Over - A Guide for CUPE BC Members (Revised) Mar 14.14.pdf504.72 KB
CUPE Guide - Education Assistants - WCB - Conducting a Violence Risk Assessment - April 2013.pdf772.69 KB
CUPE Guide - Obtaining Medical Evidence & Reports for WCB Claims & Appeals - A Guide for CUPE BC Members - June 3.14.pdf645.16 KB
CUPE Guide - WorkSafeBC Claims, Appeals and Employers' Use of Consultants - March 14.14.pdf411.45 KB
Disability Management Flow Chart - Who Takes Responsibility Sept 8 14.pdf304.49 KB
Guarding Minds @ Work Survey Nov 14.pdf69.73 KB
Library Scanners Report - SFU December 2012.pdf1.34 MB
Lifeguard Lung and BC Public Pools Report - SFU December 2012.pdf1.38 MB
Local Actions when an Employer is Involved in a WorkSafeBC Claim or Appeal - March 2014.pdf289.77 KB
Mental Disorders and Workers Compensation - Employee Perspective on the Impact of Disability - OHS Conference - Oct 2014.pdf7.15 MB
Mental Health Fact Sheet Oct 24 14.pdf194.98 KB
Mental Injury Took Kit survey Oct 14.pdf527.81 KB
Notice of Continuation of Employement Past Age 65 - Sample Letter.pdf102.68 KB
Psychological Harassment,Bullying and Other Health and Safety Rights Coquitlam Feb 2015.pdf8.94 MB
Repetitive Injury Claims (RSI ASTD) Power Point.pdf3.26 MB
Return to Work Fact Sheet September 2014.pdf324.31 KB
RTW Programs Power Point - CUPE Local 1004 - March 2014.pdf2.22 MB
RTW Programs Power Point - OHS Conference - October 2014.pdf5.02 MB
Table 18-3 - Impairment Classification Due to Pain Disorders Mar 14.14.pdf335.74 KB
TM Permanent Functional Impairment Pension - Disability Award Decision Review CHECKLIST Jan 27 15 .pdf487.95 KB
WCB beyond age 65490.79 KB
WCB - Form 6 - Guide to Filling Out Mar 14.14.pdf746.69 KB
WCB - Form 8 11 - Guide to Filling Out Mar 14.14.pdf647.04 KB
WCB - Form 10D90 - Guide for Filling Out - Mental Disorder Claim Interview Questionnaire Mar 14.14.pdf719.92 KB
WCB - Form 68W32 - Guide to Filling Out ASTD Questionnaire Jan 23.15.pdf1.1 MB
WCB - Steps for Conducting a Violence Risk Assessment in K-12 for EAs Mar 14.14.pdf498.88 KB
WCB Advocacy Training - Basic - Airlines - Jan 15 & 16 (Jan 9.14).pdf6.68 MB
WCB Advocacy Training - CUPE - Intro - UPDATED (Oct 23.12).pdf3.9 MB
WCB - Guide for Filing WorkSafeBC Mental Disorder Claims Nov 12.14.pdf929.06 KB
WCB Guide - CUPE Locals - How to File a WorkSafeBC Claim - Air Quality Exposure - June 3.14.pdf1.41 MB
WCB Guide - How to File a WCB Claim for EAs in K-12 CUPE Locals Mar 14.14.pdf1.12 MB
WCB Guide - How to File WorkSafeBC Claims - Protecting Your Rights in CUPE Locals Mar 14.14.pdf944.74 KB
WCB Guide - K-12 CUPE Locals - How to File a WorkSafeBC Claim - Mar 14.14.pdf946.89 KB
WCB Guide - K-12 Locals - How to file a WorksafeBC Claim for Custodians - May 29.14.pdf2.35 MB
WCB - Limitations and Restrictions Associated with Pain - A Chronic Pain Questionnaire Jan 23.15.pdf541.31 KB

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