CUPE BC's Young Workers Committee was established to bring focus and priority to issues specific to young workers. The Committee engages in activities and initiatives with the goal of inspiring young workers to become active in their union, and in their communities. 

Committee members

Fred Adams
Local 173
Amber Bartlet
Local 1004
Nicole Cabrejos
Alternate Diversity Vice President Racialized Workers, Local 1123
Monika Dean
Local 402, CUPE BC Executive Board
Larissa Deneault
Local 900
Cody Dillabough
Local 4990
Johnathan Dyer
Local 391
Hailey Fielden
Local 606
Gillian Glass
Dustin Innes
Local 718
Tina Meadows
Local Staff-BCRO/Div
Kelsey Scholz
Local 5101
Sarah Silvea
Local 1050
Breanne Smith
Local 4775
Aaron Young
Local 389, Staff-BC