The CUPE BC Workers of Colour Committee is committed to the promotion of racial justice, inclusion and equality in the workplace and in our communities. Our fight for fairness includes, challenging racism and all forms of oppression on behalf of all racialized CUPE members and ensuring diversity representation in our Regional and Provincial Executive Boards. The Committee aims to build strong relationships with community organizations and allies through participation in cultural events and days of action.


Black History Month events

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Committee members

Michele Alexander
Diversity Vice President Workers of Colour, Local 15
Nick Angrinon
Local 454
Amir Bagheri
Local 389
Ravneet Dhillon
Local 1048
Joyce Henley
Local 3799
Maria Ho
Local 2950
Alistair Maduray
Local 23
Nigel Martyres
Local 2052
Inder Pannu
Local 391
Drew Parris
Alternate Diversity Vice President Representing Workers of Colour, Local 379
Edward Parsotam
Alternate Diversity Vice President Workers of Colour, Local 728, CUPE BC Executive Board