Dec 14, 2017

Update on CUPE 338 Strike

DSC_9214.jpgKELOWNA - The Labour Relations Board has made a ruling on Commissionaires BC’s application, and has ruled that the 72-hour strike notice issued by CUPE is of no force and effect. This means that the strike will NOT be proceeding as planned. 

We want to be clear that the 72-hour strike notice was deemed void based on a technicality (of serving notice through email, and not by fax), and that we view this move by Commissionaires BC to be nothing other than a disruptive tactic that only delays strike action and does not prevent it.

At this time, another 72-hour strike notice has not been issued. CUPE 338 will be meeting with their members, and making decisions on how to proceed. 

COPE 491