Sep 18, 2012

Ten Percent Shift launches major study of BC’s retail economy

VANCOUVER—Building on the success of its campaign to encourage individual British Columbians to support their local economies, the Ten Percent Shift has retained Civic Economics, an economic analysis and strategic planning consultancy, to conduct a study of the BC retail economy to determine the potential benefits of a ten percent shift in consumer spending to local independent businesses.

Civic Economics, one of the preeminent progressive economic consultancies in North America, conducted a study in Kent County, Michigan, which showed the potential for dramatic improvements to the local economy there if consumers shifted ten percent of their household spending to local first. (The study can be seen here.) The results of that study are included in the Ten Percent Shift’s popular promotional video. (See the video here.)

The BC study includes a survey aimed at independent business owners. The more completed surveys received by Civic Economics, the higher the quality of the analysis, allowing for a more detailed study of specific regions or communities. If you own an independent local business and want to help us learn more about how we can improve local economies, please see the survey here.

The study results will help illustrate more clearly the specific benefits to local economies and communities if residents shift ten percent of their household spending to local first.

The Ten Percent Shift is a campaign sponsored by CUPE BC.



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