Apr 07, 2015

Strike ends as agreement reached at Naramata

NARAMATA - CUPE 608 and the Naramata Centre Society have reached a mutually agreeable resolution to the labour dispute which began in May 2014. The agreement brings an end to strike action and resolves outstanding issues related to the closure of the Centre.

CUPE 608 President Brianne Hillson said that the Naramata workers, some of whom had been employed at the United Church centre for more than 20 years, acted with strength and solidarity. “We knew that we had determined members who could count on the full support of CUPE from day one and that made the difference during an incredibly tough year.”

Paul Moist, national president of CUPE, said it was concerning that such a strike could occur where there was a long-standing relationship with the United Church on social justice and many other issues, but it did not weaken the union’s resolve. “These 30 members walked a picket line for almost a year – through every kind of weather. I am proud of them and of the overwhelming response they received from CUPE locals and other unions right across the country.”

CUPE BC President Mark Hancock and CUPE BC Secretary-Treasurer Paul Faoro will pay tribute to the Naramata workers at their upcoming annual convention in Vancouver.  “The closure of Naramata Centre and this agreement mark the end of CUPE’s 40-year relationship with the Centre, but we will always have enormous respect for our Naramata sisters and brothers who stood up for their rights under difficult circumstances,” said Hancock. “I know all delegates to the CUPE BC convention will join us.”

CUPE BC’s convention will be held in Vancouver from April 29 to May 2, 2015.


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