Mar 28, 2015

Southern Railway manager’s erratic flagging at crossing raises new safety concerns: CUPE

BURNABY—A senior manager for Southern Railway was caught on video Wednesday evening allowing a vehicle to partially enter Surrey’s Scott Road crossing as a train approached, raising new concerns about safety only days after an untrained civilian was allowed to flag traffic at the same crossing.

The manager, seen holding a flare in one hand and a Stop/Slow sign in the other, is shown in the video crossing the street while holding the sign in the Stop position. He then turns the sign sideways without keeping his eye on the traffic in front of him, clearly confusing the driver of a white truck who then tries to drive through the crossing before stopping and backing up.

“This is the same crew that was there late Monday afternoon, allowing an unidentified civilian to flag the crossing, giving him five bucks and laughing at the individual,” said CUPE National Representative Louise Oetting.

“While it is not a rule violation, considering that the BC Safety Authority has already cited Southern Railway for not protecting crossings properly, this is a disturbing sign that they haven’t learned their lesson. Our concern is that if this kind of activity continues to take place, there may be an accident.”

The video, taken at approximately 7 p.m. on Wednesday, can be seen here.


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