Jan 25, 2013

Significant Community Living job action taking place next week

Government must commit to improved funding for sector

BURNABY—Significant job action will take place across British Columbia next week for Community Living work sites of the Community Social Services sector, the multi-union bargaining association has announced.

Workers will be contacted directly ahead of time if their agency or workplace is a target for job action. Members are being reminded not to take job action unless directed to do so by their union. Details will be released next week.

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) is strategically escalating its job action to put pressure on the B.C. government.  After nearly a year of bargaining, the employer - the Community Social Services Employers Association - has not even made a monetary offer at the bargaining table. This is because of the restrictive “co-operative gains” bargaining mandate imposed by the government, which dictates that all public sector workers must find “savings” in their collective agreement to fund any wage increase. 

“We are escalating our job action because we believe that the government must improve funding for all community-based social services, including a fair and reasonable wage increase for the caring professionals in the sector,” says CUPE’s CSS coordinator Cheryl Colborne.

Frontline Community Living BC (CLBC) staff agree that additional funding is urgently needed to address the chronic program and support shortages in community living. This is a key result from a recent survey of CLBC front line staff conducted by the BCGEU.

More than half of all CLBC survey respondents said that they were forced to make a budget-driven funding decision that caused them concern over the last year. More than 40 per cent had been required to cut services or supports that they considered necessary for their clients’ health, safety or well-being.

It takes only 30 seconds to tell the government to stop putting the squeeze on Community Social Services. Go to  to send an email to the Premier!

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