Dec 08, 2010

Respect leads to three year Kamloops deal

KAMLOOPS—CUPE 900 members ratified a three-year agreement with the City of Kamloops on Monday. The agreement includes two percent increases in each year as well as improvements to dental benefits. Contract language was also clarified and updated.

“The City of Kamloops has very good workers and with this agreement we’ll continue to provide excellent services to residents of Kamloops,” says CUPE 900 president Gayle Nelson.

Nelson has received a lot of feedback from members who are pleased with the agreement. She praised the working relationship between the City and CUPE members. “A good working relationship, with mutual respect and communication, goes a long way,” says Nelson.

CUPE 900 began bargaining in October. Council ratified the agreement last week.

CUPE 900 represents 543 inside and outside workers in Kamloops. Inside workers include clerical staff (payroll, finance, taxes and administrative staff); building inspectors; RCMP workers; and bylaw officers. Outside workers work at Kamloops’ state-of-the-art water treatment plant; parks and streets; sanitation and garbage collection; cemetery; pools and arenas.

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