Oct 17, 2011

Occupy Vancouver begins with protesters in it for the long haul

VANCOUVER—The Occupy Vancouver movement began Saturday with over 4,000 people coming together outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

CUPE 4094 president David Pacheco, who represents Air Canada flight attendants at Vancouver International Airport, was there to speak at the event.

Pacheco said that “this government doesn’t believe in workers’ rights,” and that his members are supporting Occupy Vancouver because they realize that it’s not only their rights being taken away but all workers’ rights that are under threat.

People from all different backgrounds showed up to the event inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. The idea behind the protests comes from a grassroots movement protesting global financial inequality and corporate greed.

Numerous other B.C. cities hosted protests including: Victoria, Nanaimo, Nelson and Kelowna.

Protesters set up tents Saturday night and camped overnight on the lawn of the Art Gallery.

Occupy Vancouver will continue indefinitely with protesters saying they are committed to staying all the way through to December. There is no plan to limit the protest as long as it remains peaceful. Daily general assemblies on issues will be held at noon and 7 p.m.

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