Sep 30, 2011

O'Neill brings CUPE BC message of building strong communities to local government leaders

VANCOUVER—At the annual convention of the Union of BC Municipalities in Vancouver this week, CUPE BC president Barry O'Neill welcomed delegates from all over the province with a message of support for the work that local elected official do for their communities.

O'Neill said that CUPE BC's Ten Percent Shift campaign is intended to build strong and sustainable local economies, and that demonstrates how much common ground there is between CUPE BC and the UBCM.

"The 85,000 members we represent across the province want to work with you to strengthen our communities," O'Neill told more than 600 delegates at CUPE BC's reception for local government on Wednesday night. "We understand how hard you work and the sacrifices that you and your families have to make to allow you to do that work."

CUPE BC sponsors a reception at each UBCM convention as a gesture of appreciation for locally elected officials from across BC.

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