Jun 04, 2013

North Shore Winter Club ordered to stop using replacement workers

NORTH VANCOUVER – The North Shore Winter Club has been illegally using replacement workers during the month-long lockout at the club. The ruling by the BC Labour Relations Boards came down Friday.

“We are extremely pleased that management must stop using scabs to do the work of CUPE staff. Their attempt to get away with using replacement workers makes it clear that they are having a difficult time keeping up daily operations at the club. We hope this ruling prompts the club to end this senseless lockout and get back to the bargaining table,” says CUPE National Representative John Strohmaier.

The Labour Relations Board decision declares Chris Puckett to be an illegal replacement worker and also ruled that Crocus Landscape Design & Construction has been illegally providing lawn mowing, trimming and weeding at the club during the lockout.

Puckett had been working inside the NSWC maintaining the ice rink – work normally done by specialized CUPE employees. 

The BC Labour Code prohibits management from hiring replacement workers (known as scabs) to do work normally done by unionized workers during a labour dispute. Only existing management staff can carry out that work.

Strohmaier adds that CUPE continues to have serious health and safety concerns while the qualified and professional CUPE employees remain barred from working. He notes that to meet health and safety standards a qualified individual with special training must be on site at all times to look after dangerous chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine.

“The safety and well being of members, guests and their children using the facilities at the North Shore Winter Club remains our top concern.  With the managers now forced to work even longer hours, we will be pushing for the various health and safety inspectors needed to ensure the facilities are safe for everyone using them.”

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