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March 23, 2009

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TILMA Contract and Bill 9 the Labour Mobility Act - Two More Reasons to be Concerned

The B.C. government has recently put out to tender the administration of the TILMA - The Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement between B.C. and Alberta. This means that a private sector corporation will be administering the Act that gives corporations the right to challenge and/or sue our governments (provincial and municipal) if in protecting the public interest they interfere with the competing interest of businesses.

On March 12 the Campbell Liberals also introduced Bill 9 - The Labour Mobility Act. It goes to second reading on March 23, and we expect the Liberals will use their majority in the legislature to force this Bill through before April 13, when the writ is dropped for the provincial election on May 12.

A quick read of Bill 9 – reaffirms our concerns about the ability of B.C. regulatory bodies to maintain and/or improve standards for practice of professions and trades operating in our province. We believe that pressure is already being applied to accept lower standards, and Bill 9 will certainly add to that pressure.

For more information on the TILMA, check out:

With a provincial election looming and Bill 9 still at first reading, there is no better time to be contacting your MLA and lobby them to stop the TILMA.