Council Watch

Do you have a member of your local who is dedicated to following the movements of your council, school board or other elected bodies? Knowing the movements of your various elected bodies is vital in keeping abreast of the big picture in your community.

For example, is there talk about upgrading your recreation centre? Is there the possibility of a new arena under discussion? Are you losing trades jobs to outside contractors? Is there talk of privatizing municipal water? All these services should remain in the public domain.

Contact CUPE BC to receive your Council Watch package at 604-291-9119. This kit has all the tools you and your local need to get started.


City Watch

City Watch is a CUPE-sponsored program designed to prevent and reduce crime in communities throughout British Columbia.

CUPE locals work together with local government and police to give outside CUPE workers and their dispatchers special training in watching for and reporting criminal or suspicious activity in the community.

During the course of their jobs, CUPE workers can keep their eyes and ears open and help prevent crime and accidents in B.C. communities.

City Watch gives us the chance to help make our communities safe and secure – or our own families and for others. If you would like information on how to bring City Watch into your community, please contact CUPE BC at 604-291-9119.

Committee members

Laurence Amy
Local 401
Sally Bankiner
Local 15
Bryan Bickley
Local 458
Sarah Bjorknas
Regional Vice President Metro Vancouver, Local 23, CUPE BC Executive Board
Kelly Boudreau
Local 1048
Aman Cheema
Local 402
Kathryn Davies
Communications advisor, Local Staff-BCRO/Div
Bonnie Lynn Duncan
Local 1004
Ben Gresley-Jones
Local 2087
Kevin Hansen
Local 1908
Tamara Laza
Local 454
Rob Limongelli
Staff Advisor, Local Staff-BCRO/Div
Dan MacBeth
Alternate Regional Vice President Vancouver Island, Local 50, CUPE BC Executive Board
Christi McKee-Poitras
Local 1050
Dennis Stock
Local 718