Jun 02, 2015

Medal hat trick for B.C.’s paramedic team in international competition

RICHMOND—For the third year running, CUPE 873 paramedics from B.C. made it to the podium at the Rallye Rejviz International Medical Rescue Competition in the Czech Republic. After winning silver twice in a row, on May 29th the team placed first – winning GOLD – thanks to their amazing teamwork and expertise.

Critical Care Paramedics Kevin Lambert, Chris Naples, and Rico Ruffy trained all year for this competitive event. Team manager John Richmond (Advanced Care Paramedic) and international judge Clarke McGuire (retired paramedic) supported the team.

“We’re all so proud of this team,” said CUPE 873 President Bronwyn Barter. “The dedication and hard work that led to this win is reflected daily by ambulance paramedics across B.C.  Well done, Team Canada!”

Joining the Team Canada recipients of Gold medals on the podium were paramedics from Great Britain (Silver) and USA (Bronze).

Thirty teams from 20 countries around the world competed in this world-class event.  International teams attended from the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Estonia, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Ireland, USA, Japan, Turkey, New Zealand, and Canada.

CUPE BC Division and CUPE 873, Ambulance Paramedics of BC sponsored the team who also received support through fundraising.


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