Sep 30, 2013

KDC celebrates 50 years of solidarity

CRANBROOK – The Kootenay District Council (KDC) celebrated 50 years of solidarity in the Kootenays this month. They marked the occasion with two days of education workshops and a very well attended banquet with special guests Mark Hancock, CUPE BC President, and Paul Moist, CUPE National President.

“CUPE BC applauds the great work that the Kootenay District Council has done for the past 50 years in this part of our province,” said Hancock. “This district council has a 100 percent affiliation rate which is something to celebrate and be proud of. Thank you to all CUPE members in Kootenays for their commitment to building strong communities and delivering quality public services.”

In conjunction with their celebration, KDC also hosted the first ever Steward’s Conference in the Kootenays, allowing new activists to be exposed to the rich history of the KDC, CUPE National and CUPE BC.

Gerry Shmon, KDC President, says that by combining the Steward’s Conference with the 50th anniversary of KDC it allowed new and experienced activists to come together and exchange ideas and information.

“Having Brother Hancock and Brother Moist come to the Kootenays to join our celebration and speak to activists was inspiring for KDC members. The majority of attendees had never had the chance to meet them, so to get to hear them and talk to them was a remarkable opportunity that I’m sure will encourage activism in the future.”

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