Apr 25, 2014

K-12 Presidents’ Council accomplishes much

VANCOUVER – The CUPE K-12 Presidents’ Council met in Vancouver on April 14 and 15 with a full agenda. Over the course of two days members elected a new executive, ratified bargaining proposals, approved proposed bylaw amendments, and elected representatives to SSEAC.

On the first day the Presidents’ Council reviewed the proposed bylaw amendments. They opted to continue with a Provincial Bargaining Committee (PBC) consisting of 17 representatives from around the province, rather than adopting a structure with a two-tiered committee. In addition, they passed bylaw amendments which expanded the role of the Executive and clarified how and when meetings could be called.

Council members had a lively discussion about the bargaining proposals recommended by the PBC.  By the end of the day, after thorough discussion, the proposals were adopted with the amendments approved by the Presidents’ Council. The final bargaining proposals were sent to all Locals on April 22nd.

CUPE National Servicing Representative Kevin Rose gave an update about the EA Committee. Committee members have met and started to work on establishing priorities. The committee will hold its first face-to-face meeting with employer representatives on May 1 and 2. The EA Committee will undertake some very significant work on behalf of CUPE members who work as education assistants in the province.

On the second day, the council elected a new executive.  Congratulations to Brother Marcel Marsolais, CUPE Local 409 (Chair); Brother Mark Olsen, CUPE Local 5523 (Vice-chair); Sister Paula Cox, CUPE Local 4177 (re-elected Treasurer), and Sister Janice Meehan, CUPE Local 728 (Recording-Secretary).

Sector Co-ordinators Rob Hewitt and John Horsfield thanked the outgoing executive – and in particular outgoing chair, Brother Colin Pawson, CUPE Local 1091 – for all of their hard work and dedication on behalf of K-12 members.

Following the Presidents’ Council meeting they contacted BCPSEA to arrange for bargaining dates as soon as possible. 

They are pleased to report that members of the Provincial Bargaining Committee will meet with the employer on May 6 to work on the bargaining protocol agreement and will commence bargaining in early June.  In total, ten days of bargaining have been booked in June, prior to expiry of the current collective agreement.


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