Oct 18, 2011

Join the phone mob to stop CETA


Afraid that CETA might come to a community near you?

Talks between Canada and the European Union are taking place right now to try and negotiate this deal and, this could be the last round of negotiations. It’s not too late to stop CETA but, we do need to take action now.

Join the phone mob, tomorrow, Wednesday October 19. Call your local city councilors and let them know that CETA is bad for your community.  Several municipalities across Canada have already passed resolutions and raised concerns about CETA. This phone mob will help ensure that even more municipalities get on board in raising concerns about CETA. 

Join the online campaign:

Email Prime Minister Stephen Harper and ask him to immediately halt negotiations on this deal

What is CETA? CETA stands for Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement and if it is passed this deal will: 

  • threaten our democracy by putting corporate rights first

  • encourage privatization of Canada’s drinking water and wastewater services

  • threaten local job creation and “buy-local” policies

  • cause prescription drug costs to skyrocket by at least $2.8 billion per year

  • allow big corporations to ignore or challenge environmental regulation

COPE 491