This committee works to raise awareness with CUPE members of international issues and the common interests and struggles of workers around the world. The committee supports and reports to the membership on CUPE BC’s worker-to-worker projects, which are aimed at building links between the labour movement in Canada and the developing world.

Through our partnerships with progressive organizations such as CoDevelopment Canada and the Stephen Lewis Foundation, as well as our work with the CUPE National Global Justice Committee, the International Solidarity Committee works to build membership capacity and participation in support of workers’ rights in Canada and internationally.

Committee members

Janet Anderson
Local 440
Val Cadamia
Local 728
Aman Cheema
Local 402
Stephanie Fung
Local 391
Kamal Gautam
Local 15
Andrew Ledger
Local 1004, CUPE BC Executive Board
Frank Lee
Diversity Vice President Representing Persons with Disabilities, Local 1004
Chantal Lunardi
Local 748
Jas Parmar
Local 2012
Drew Parris
Alternate Diversity Vice President Representing Workers of Colour, Local 379
Bill Pegler
Local 23, Staff-BCRO/Div
Ken Pommier
Local 338
Christine Szaflik
Local 723
Tammy Yazdanyar
Local 15