CUPE BC’s Indigenous Workers Committee was established to provide information, awareness and education to Indigenous CUPE members within the province, and the CUPE BC executive and membership as a whole.

To promote awareness of our issues we support events, plan gatherings and bring forward resolutions to the annual CUPE BC convention. For a number of years we have supported National Aboriginal Day (June 21) at Oppenheimer Park, Aboriginal Veteran’s Day (November 8) in Vancouver, and various Idle No More events across B.C.

We continue to work with the Provincial and National CUPE executive boards to include awareness training in all education materials and to ensure that we recognize and acknowledge all Aboriginal Nations on whose territory we reside.

Committee members

Deea Bailey
Local 1936
Suzanne Dallman
Local 3742
Johnathan Dyer
Local 391
Simone Gauthier
Local 3523
Luke George
Local 3479
Lisa Gregory
Local 561
Danica Hansen-Hughes
Local 1260, CUPE BC Executive Board
Alice Joe
Local 1858
Michael Lupo
Local 1004
Debra Merrier
Alternate Regional Vice President Metro Vancouver, Local 728, CUPE BC Executive Board
Kathy Morgan
Local 5523
Shelley Saje Ricci
Diversity Vice President Indigenous, Local 728, BC Fed Executive Council
Cory Thomas
National Representative, Local Staff-BCRO/Div
Taily Wills
Local 947