Nov 21, 2009

CUPE launches campaign to stop library cuts

BURNABY—With the B.C. Liberal government announcing its budget on September 1, and cuts to operating grants for B.C.’s public libraries expected to be on the agenda, CUPE is part of a province-wide campaign to fight the cuts.

As part of the campaign, CUPE BC has launched a web page and will soon be holding a phone campaign urging British Columbians to write to their MLAs in opposition to the funding cuts.

These cuts are unacceptable. Most B.C. public libraries depend on operating grants to provide quality service to the public, and smaller community libraries need them for their very survival.

Please join the campaign to stop B.C. library cuts. The new web page shows you how to contact your mayor and city council, and your MLA, and provides a sample letter to the editor demanding that the province continue operating grants at current or higher levels to save our public library system.

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