Apr 29, 2013

CUPE employees reject final offer from North Shore Winter Club

NORTH VANCOUVER–CUPE 389 employees at the North Shore Winter Club (NSWC) voted Friday (April 26) overwhelmingly to reject the final offer presented by management at the club.

 “CUPE 389 members are a vital part of ensuring the safety and well-being of those using the facilities at the North Shore Winter Club. CUPE employees take great pride in the work they do, and are frustrated that management isn’t willing to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract,” says Cindy McQueen, CUPE 389 president.

Prior to the final offer vote there had only been four days of negotiations between CUPE 389 and management at the NSWC. McQueen adds that the NSWC served lockout notice to the union last week and that NSWC management is now in a legal position to lockout CUPE employees.

 “The union is ready and willing to negotiate a contract and we remain hopeful that a deal can be reached at the table. CUPE employees at the NSWC have  delivered a clear message that they are serious about engaging in meaningful bargaining and we hope that management is willing to resume negotiations so we can settle a contract and avoid a disruption in services,” says McQueen.

CUPE 389 represents 16 members at the North Shore Winter Club who maintain and care for the facilities at the North Shore Winter Club. 

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