Mar 16, 2021

CUPE celebrates Social Work Week in B.C.

This year during Social Work Week in B.C. (March 14-20), CUPE celebrates all of its members employed as social workers in the Community Health and Community Social Services sectors. This year’s theme, “Social Work is Essential,” highlights the outstanding efforts and commitment of these hard working members, many of whom are on the front lines and dedicated to helping vulnerable people every day.

Like many other front-line workers during the pandemic, social workers have been exposed to extreme increases in workload and demanding redeployments as we continue to navigate our way through the challenges and complexities brought on by COVID-19. These members have made numerous sacrifices to serve the public and have done so with commitment, compassion and support.

“Social Work Week in B.C. is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of these members for their dedication,” said CUPE Health coordinator Tanya Paterson and CUPE Community Social Services coordinator Michael Reed. “Your extra efforts are seen, felt, appreciated and valued.”

Mitzi Dean, Minister of Children and Family Development, and Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, issued a statement over the weekend to mark Social Work Week in B.C.

“Social workers’ passion, integrity, grit and most of all, their commitment to people — often in the most challenging situations — is something to be celebrated,” the statement said. “Their tireless work is changing people’s lives for the better. It is something we, as former social workers, recognize and are grateful for, not only during Social Work Week, but throughout the entire year.

Thank you, CUPE social workers, and all front-line CUPE staff in health and community social services, for all that you do every day and for your continued strength and professionalism.

Give yourselves a pat on the back and take a moment to acknowledge each other and the vital work you do.

COPE 491