Apr 09, 2013

CUPE BC launches satirical online campaign for BC election

Burnaby - CUPE BC is launching a social media campaign today to inform voters about important issues in the upcoming BC provincial election. The campaign uses a comedic relationship metaphor to urge British Columbians to ‘have the talk’ with family, friends and neighbours about the importance of voting on May 14th.

The campaign includes an online video in which one friend encourages another to get out of a bad relationship.  The need to break up is juxtaposed with BC citizens’ current relationship with the BC Liberal government. 

“CUPE BC is working to make sure all of our members and everyone in BC participate fully in the upcoming election,” said CUPE BC President Barry O’Neill. “Humour is a great way to get a message across, and this campaign makes politics accessible without losing any of the serious points.”

The video directs viewers to where visitors can explore a website styled to resemble a relationship advice column listing the “10 signs that you deserve more from your elected officials”. Each point is offered for visitors to share using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

“The video and website give viewers a chance to talk with their friends about what is important in this election,” said CUPE BC Secretary Treasurer Mark Hancock. “While there are many serious issues in this campaign, a light hearted approach is sometimes the best way to start that conversation.”

CUPE BC engaged local BC creative talent in the creation of the campaign, working with TruthFool Communications to produce the video and complementing website. No strangers to combining humour and politics, the creative team was also behind the “Sh*t Harper Did” website during the 2011 Federal Election Campaign garnered national attention beyond the internet and engaged youth across the country.

“Many of us have wanted to have that awkward conversation with a friend about a relationship that is clearly unhealthy for them.  Talking to friends about politics can be equally awkward," said TruthFool Creative Director Sean Devlin. "YouCanDoBetter offers some entertaining tools and important facts to help people spark those conversations."

For more information, and to see the video, go to





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