Nov 26, 2014

CUPE BC files libel law suit against Vancouver NPA and Kirk LaPointe

VANCOUVER – CUPE BC announced today it has filed a libel law suit against the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association and Kirk LaPointe.

In the recent Vancouver election NPA Mayoral Candidate Kirk LaPointe and the NPA electoral organization alleged “corruption” in regards to financial contributions from CUPE Local 1004 and CUPE BC to candidates recommended by the membership.

President Mark Hancock and Secretary-Treasurer Paul Faoro met with the Executive Board of CUPE BC and decided the union had no choice but to pursue legal action.   

The libel of CUPE and the individual plaintiffs by the NPA and Kirk LaPointe is one of the most extreme forms of libel recognized by law, particularly of the individual plaintiffs. The publications repeatedly accuse CUPE of criminal misconduct, and as well libels them in their profession and occupation. The electronic versions provide hyperlinks to a variety of social media, all designed to spread the libel as broadly and as quickly as possible. It also affects the ability of the union plaintiffs to effectively engage in collective bargaining on behalf of their members.

Kirk LaPointe is an Adjunct Professor of ethics in journalism at UBC, yet made no effort to conduct even a minimal inquiry into the truth or falsity of these accusations.

The plaintiffs will be seeking an injunction, the removal of the offending language from the websites, and substantial general damages, and well as punitive damages.

View the Notice of Civil Claim.


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