Oct 01, 2014

CUPE 873 releases new plan for community paramedic programs

RICHMOND—The Ambulance Paramedics of BC (CUPE 873) have released a framework document for implementing community paramedic programs in British Columbia that is aimed at making the best use of one of the largest ambulance services in the world.

Community paramedicine is an innovative approach to the delivery of health care services by paramedics that allows them to use their training and expertise in community-based, non-emergency care roles.  Community Paramedic (CP) programs have been successfully implemented in other Canadian provinces and in countries such as the U.S., UK, New Zealand and Australia.  In Ontario, there are more than 48 CP programs in operation; this year the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the allocation of $6 million to support the expansion of such programs.

For a number of years, APBC’s strategic priority has been the implementation of CP programs in B.C. For new programs such as these to be successful, however, they need the support and involvement of all stakeholders.  To help achieve that support, CUPE 873 engaged consultants to research and write a foundation document that explains the full spectrum of CP programs and how they can fit into the B.C. health care landscape.

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