Aug 25, 2015

CUPE 1004 members ratify agreement with Capilano Students’ Union

NORTH VANCOUVER – CUPE 1004 workers at Capilano University ratified their collective agreement with the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) on Monday.

The settlement was reached through a mediator on Saturday, averting a CSU lockout of staff who provide support services to students.

“Members can now continue to provide excellent services to students at Capilano University,” said Sarah Silvester, a bargaining committee member and CUPE 1004 executive member.

The new agreement is in effect from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2018. 

Student employees will receive regular wage increases throughout the life of the collective agreement in addition to more hours. CUPE members will also have access to CUPE’s Multi-Sector Pension Plan as well as dedicated funds for education and professional development.

Contract language improvements include updated respectful workplace and human rights language, and provisions dealing with information available to the union.

“It’s unfortunate that CSU pushed a final offer vote and threatened a lockout,” said CUPE 1004 President Andrew Ledger. “Adding stress and uncertainty for our members, before accepting what we proposed way back in May, was totally unnecessary.”

Bargaining began in November and continued with the assistance of a mediator until mediation stopped in May. After failing to respond to a CUPE proposal that addressed all employer concerns, or even working with CUPE to restart the mediation process, the employer instead forced a final offer vote through the Labour Relations Board.

CUPE members unanimously rejected the “final offer”. Immediately after losing the “final offer” vote, the employer served lockout notice to start August 24. On Saturday, August 22, the parties returned to mediation and a settlement was reached later that day. The CSU board ratified the agreement on Sunday, August 23.

CUPE 1004 represents 14 members who provide Student Union services to Capilano University students. Almost two thirds of these members are students themselves. Services they provide include locker rentals and support for back to school events, helping with CSU Health and Dental plan and U-Pass BC questions, as well as responding to students’ needs in general.

CUPE 1004 also includes 18 other bargaining units representing more than 3,500 members who work for the City of Vancouver, the PNE, the Portland Hotel Society and a number of smaller employers.  


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