Mar 07, 2011

Community Social Services workers to rally today at Employer meeting in Kelowna

BURNABY - Unionized community social service workers will rally today in Kelowna at the annual convention of their employer bargaining association, CSSEA (the Community Social Services Employers Association.)

Throughout negotiations, CSSEA has insisted that community social services workers accept their “zero mandate.”

Employers have so far offered only two more years of:

• No wage increases

• No net benefit improvements

• No employment security during a time of lay-offs

• No significant collective agreements changes to create a fairer workplace.

Bus transportation to the rally has been arranged for members in Vernon and Penticton who would like to attend.

VERNON: 4.00 pm - pickup at the Village Green Hotel (4801 27th Street)

PENTICTON: 4.00 pm - pick up at Cherry Lane Starbucks (230 – 2111 Main Street)

The rally itself is at Kelowna Waterfront Park (1200 Water Street) in Kelowna at 5 p.m.

Keep checking back to for more information on the rally, as well as bargaining updates.

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