Apr 15, 2011

Common front for CUPE post-secondary locals

VANCOUVER—CUPE locals in post-secondary institutions across B.C. will be working more closely together in the coming year. Following a well-attended forum at the 2011 CUPE BC convention, college and university locals have agreed to hold a series of meetings to discuss common interests and possible joint actions.

Advocating for post-secondary funding, affordable options for students and fair collective agreements are some of the areas locals will consider.


“CUPE locals in B.C. have much to gain acting together on common issues. We all feel the effects of decisions by the provincial government and we are more likely to have an impact if we act together,” said Lois Rugg, co-chair of the CUPE’s University Coordinated Bargaining Committee.

Colleges Coordinated Bargaining Committee chair Michelle Waite said that college locals are looking forward to the joint meetings. “Colleges and universities face serious funding problems at a time when students are being turned away due to lack of spaces. CUPE members across the province want to work together to help raise awareness of the need for better funding.”

The first joint meeting will happen in May.

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