Commentary is the blog of Paul Faoro, CUPE BC President

JANUARY 19, 2015

A reality check for the neo-con set

Municipal wages withstand negative Fraser Institute 'spin' In November, thousands of British Columbians put their names forward to run as...

JANUARY 12, 2015

Southern Railway is no victim—David Black

COPE 378 President David Black, in a letter to the editor of the New Westminster Record, takes on Southern Railway’s misleading claim...

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Portland Hotel Society workers lead by example

If you were a delegate to CUPE BC’s convention in April, you know all about the Portland Hotel Society and...

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

Thanks for your commitment and solidarity, K-12 CUPE members

As you all know, B.C. teachers yesterday voted to ratify the tentative agreement reached earlier in the week between the...

AUGUST 29, 2014

Labour Day a symbol of workers’ struggle

Let’s face it, for most people in our society, the real meaning of Labour Day has faded over the years....

AUGUST 12, 2014

BC Liberals must reinvest in environmental standards and enforcement

When I saw the images on TV and the internet of the tailings pond beach at the Mount Polley mine...

APRIL 9, 2014

Convention to set stage for political action heading into local elections

Welcome to the Convention 2014 edition of the Public Employee. You’ll notice a new look and a new logo for...

JANUARY 29, 2014

Uniting for fairness: strengthening our union and our movement

These are difficult times for union members in Canada. Over the past several decades, labour leaders and activists in our...

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Business’ group’s claims of over taxation inaccurate, misleading

Note: This column was originally submitted to The Vancouver Sun on November 12, 2013. Nobody is crazy about paying taxes...