Aug 21, 2015

Capilano Students’ Union workers locked out

NORTH VANCOUVER – As a new academic year is about to begin, the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has chosen to disrupt services for students by locking out unionized staff beginning Monday, August 24.

The move comes after members of CUPE Local 1004, which represents CSU staff, voted unanimously to reject the employer’s final offer.

Sarah Silvester, bargaining committee member and CUPE 1004 Executive Member said that her members are concerned about their livelihood and also have concerns for what Capilano students will face as they attempt to settle into a new school year.

 “CUPE members were ready to welcome students back to campus and instead we are locked out of our jobs,” said Silvester. “We should be running our annual book sale, responding to student needs and preparing for the busy year ahead for the Student Union.”

“The CSU is not only locking out CUPE members, they are locking out students as well. We want to stay at the table and find a fair agreement,” said Silvester. “These issues will be resolved by talking and building relationships, not by walking away from mediation and locking out employees, as this employer has done.”

CUPE 1004 President Andrew Ledger says CUPE members at CSU are getting strong support from members of CUPE 1004 at the City and the PNE, as well as from other unions.

The Capilano Students’ Union issued lockout notice effective Monday, August 24. CUPE members will be setting up picket lines and will be encouraging the campus community to respect their picket lines. More information can be found at as it becomes available.

CUPE 1004 represents 13 members who provide Student Union services to Capilano University students. Almost two-thirds of these members are students themselves. Services they provide include providing locker rentals and support for back to school events, helping with CSU Health and Dental plan and U-Pass BC questions as well as responding to students’ needs.

CUPE 1004 also includes 18 other bargaining units representing over 3,500 members who work for the City of Vancouver, the PNE, the Portland Hotel Society and a number of smaller employers. 

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