Apr 24, 2017

Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre workers get first contract

PRINCE GEORGE—CUPE Local 4951-01 and the Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre have signed off on a first collective agreement that provides stability for the non-profit society while offering better conditions for its employees.

The Centre, which is run out of the College of New Caledonia, currently has four employees who provide childcare to children and, through a faculty-run program, instruct students to become early childhood educators.

The tentative agreement reached on April 20 provides for modest wage increases, health and welfare benefits, and progressive language on self-identification, sick and vacation leave.

“Both parties worked well together to achieve a fair settlement,” said CUPE 4951-01 President Lily Bachand. “This collective agreement ensures the viability of the Centre’s child care programs while providing improved working conditions for the employees.”

Bachand added that the first agreement is a good news story because it saves a program the College of New Caledonia had shut down.

Bargaining Chair Sandra Rossi agreed, describing the bargaining process as a unique round of negotiations.

“There was a great deal of trust between the parties and a collaborative approach to contract negotiations that helped us achieve the best for the employees while ensuring sustainability for the Society,” said Rossi.

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